Emmanuel Hamon & Dmitriy Mateychik беседа о шоколаде

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В этом интервью Дмитрий Матейчик беседует с господином Амоном о марках шоколада, предпочтениях французов и о ремесленном шоколаде.

"Письмо счастья" или почему повышаются цены на шоколад. | Победитель Chocolate Dessert Innovation (CADI) Awards
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# 7chocolat
0 13 января 2014 в 17:33
Оно свершилось! ))
# Мухаммад
+1 13 января 2014 в 18:59
По поводу того, что Эммануил нас Россиян, в частности ремесленников похвалил , обнародую маленькое интервью с Эммануилом, оригинальный текст переписки:

19 июня 2013 г. 09:27 Шоколадная Мануфактура Муртазали.
Emmanuel, good morning! I read your biography of one part where they say that you are an experimenter and eksperimentireete with liquids adding chocolate, I was wondering your opinion on my chocolate bar with fresh basil, I'm wondering your opinion!

19/06/2013 10:35
Emmanuel Hamon Hello , hope you Ok , well , I am not expert , this is typical journalist word , specialy this was from a article about flavored ganache and chocolate mousse . You have to understand that I work from already made chocolate and no beans like you do , in France , there is only 3 chocolatiers that still make them chocolate from beans . you see , this is what I say to you yesterday ,I am realy impressed by passioned people like you ,that make your chocolate like on your video from bean , so I will be happy to try it your basil chocolate and some more also . So welldone . Emmanuel

19/06/2013 10:35 Emmanuel Hamon, It is not modesty , I always try to say the true , you know probably more about making chocolate from bean that me ,my job is more to make thing with chocolate , so you are at the start and I am at the end of the processus. this is what I like from russian passionned poeple like you , it is not only learning how to make a cake or chocolate sweet , you all want to know the all processus to make all the step of it ,like you starting from the bean , in France or the rest of Europe they are not like that , they more focus on the result even if they don't have made all the step ,well it is my point of view but I have notice that with all the people from eastern country . you do real HOMEMADE ! I am very please to have meet you but I don't know your name ?

Пользовался переводчиком, на сколько правильно составлены предложения, не знаю. hoho